What to expect from Employment law in 2023?

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Will flexible working request rights be extended to all employees from day one?

The government launched a consultation on the right to request flexible working in September 2021. Currently only employees with 26 weeks service can make a flexible working request. This may change to apply from day one of employment. Employers may be required to consult with employees who request flexible working and to show they have considered all options prior to rejecting a request. |t may be that employees can submit up to two flexible working requests (currently they can only submit one) in a 12 month period and that employers must respond within two months (currently three).

What about carers?

The Carer’s bill will give carers the right to up to one week’s unpaid leave (or up to a week used flexibly) from day one of employment. 

Is a woman who returns to work from maternity leave protected from redundancy?

The Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family leave) Bill will extend the right to be redeployed during pregnancy, maternity and family leave and for six months after that leave. This means if there is a redundancy situation a pregnant employee or one who is on maternity leave or has recently returned from family leave whose role is at risk should be considered first for any suitable alternative roles. 

Is my employer liable if I am harassed by one of their customers?

Proposed amendments to the Equality Act will make the employer liable for harassment committed by third parties eg customers, clients, service users and students. This third-party liability covers all forms of unlawful harassment including racial harassment and offensive conduct based on age or disability etc. As well as having policies, organisations will need make it clear what is unacceptable; enforce those standards; and demonstrate that action is taken to tackle these issues if and when they arise.If you have questions regarding the implications of any of the cases above or employment law changes expected this year please get in touch via help@yourhrpartner.co.uk.

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