What to expect from Employment law in 2023?

February 15, 2023 5:03 pm Published by

Will flexible working request rights be extended to all employees from day one? The government launched a consultation on the right to request flexible working in September 2021. Currently only employees with 26 weeks service can make a flexible working request. This may change to apply from day one of employment. Employers may be required to consult with employees who request flexible working and to show they have considered all options prior to rejecting a request. |t may be that employees can submit up to two flexible working requests (currently they can only submit one) in a 12 month period and that employers must respond within two months (currently three). What about carers? The Carer’s bill will give carers the right to up to one week’s unpaid leave...

What can we learn from Employment law in 2022?

February 15, 2023 5:01 pm Published by

Can a self-employed worker claim holiday pay? In Smith v Pimlico Plumbers, Mr Smith established he had worker rights despite being self-employed. He successfully claimed backdated holiday pay over six years. This case reinforces the importance of providing Contracts for all staff whether they are Employees, Workers or Self-Employed.  Is long covid a disability? In Burke v Turning Point Mr Burke was dismissed having been off sick with long covid for nine months. This case confirms that long covid could be classed as a disability and each case should be assessed on its’ own facts and a medical or occupational health report should be considered prior to any decision regarding an employee’s absence. Should term-time workers benefit from a full 5.6 weeks holiday? In Brazil v Harpur Trust...