What would change for Employment law under Labour?

May 29, 2024 11:03 am Published by

The Labour Party have recently published a paper entitled ‘Labour’s plans to make work pay’ and we thought it would be useful to summarise some of the changes they plan to introduce within 100 days if they win the election.  Banning zero hours contracts Labour plans to ensure that all jobs provide a baseline of security and predictability, banning zero hours contracts and ensuring all employees have the right to have a contract that reflects the number of hours they regularly work, based on a twelve-week reference period.  Ending ‘fire and rehire’ Labour plans to reform the law to end the practice of fire and rehire. They want to ensure that workers’ terms and conditions negotiated in good faith can’t be ended under threat of...

Can employers prevent sexual harassment?

May 13, 2024 4:09 pm Published by

From October 2024 there will be a new duty on employers to take ‘reasonable steps’ to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and to make workplaces safer for all staff. In advance of this we thought it would be useful to give some examples of case law where employers have lost Tribunal cases due to claims of sexual harassment. KZ v The Nags Head Reading Limited In this case the employer was found to have failed to prevent a recurrence of sexual harassment by a third party towards one of its employees. The employee was working as a bartender on New Year’s Eve and was sexually harassed by a customer a number of times. A few days later the employee was grabbed by the same customer in front...