Staff apprasials

Staff Appraisals

Appraisals should be far more than a ‘tick and bash’ exercise once a year. They should be a developmental conversation looking back on the year to date and setting objectives for the future. Ideally Appraisals should contain an element of 360-degree feedback and should focus on the technical aspects of each job, as well as client or customer interaction, business development, teamwork and management skills. New objectives should link to organisational objectives and progress in achieving objectives should be reviewed at least biannually.

Appraisal forms

 We draft bespoke Appraisal forms to ensure that an employee’s achievements from the previous Appraisal period are captured, but also that there is a structure to incorporate feedback from those with whom the employee has worked. Appraisal forms should focus on key areas of the job as well as looking at their interaction with others in the workplace and outside. Appraisal forms should not be too lengthy and should be clearly set out.

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Feedback forms

An element of 360-degree feedback can be invaluable in facilitating an employee’s understanding of ‘the whole picture’ regarding their performance in the workplace. We design a 360 degree feedback process to enable staff to give feedback on each other in a supported and if necessary confidential way. This can be done in a simple, basic format or a more complex, online format.

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