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HR Process

Efficient HR processes go a long way towards helping staff feel valued and well-managed. The Recruitment process is the first experience new employees have of the organisation and it will set their expectations regarding both how they expect to be treated and in turn how they will treat others both inside and outside the organisation. Similarly the system for booking holidays and how the Appraisal process is run all impact on employees. Even the process for terminating employment can impact on how an employee feels on leaving an organisation and the goodwill they take away which can impact what they tell others about the organisation. We will review all HR processes and make recommendations for improvement if applicable.

 Recruitment processes

 Recruitment processes are key to your success in recruiting the best people. Recruitment is a two way process and is as much about the candidate feeling that the organisation is right for them as it is about the organisation finding the candidates who will be best for their organisation.

Your HR Partner will audit your job descriptions and criteria for selecting candidates for interview. We will review your interview structure and questions and also discuss other methods used for recruiting such as Assessment Days and Psychometrics. We will make recommendations regarding best practice in line with what is appropriate for your organisation.


 Getting Induction right is crucial in communicating the key values of the organisation to each new employee. If key information is not covered and professional relationships forged, problems can easily develop later on. We will scrutinise your Induction processes to ensure that new employees are given the best possible start in your organisation.


 Appraisals should be far more than a ‘tick and bash’ exercise once a year. They should be a developmental conversation looking back on the year to date and setting objectives for the future. Ideally Appraisals should contain an element of 360 degree feedback and should focus on the technical aspects of each job, as well as client or customer interaction, business development, teamwork and management skills. New objectives should link to organisational objectives and progress in achieving objectives should be reviewed at least biannually.

We will review all Appraisal documentation, making recommendations in line with best practice and can design 360 degree feedback programmes and facilitate moderation sessions where required.

 Salary review

 Salary review meetings should always be separate to performance appraisal discussions. However any salary increase should link to employee performance. Likewise bonuses should link to employee, team and organisational performance.

We will review your salary structure and make recommendations regarding the fixed and variable elements of your remuneration. We can also assist with bonus moderation where applicable and discuss options for flexible benefits and non-financial rewards.


Over time the structure of an organisation may become out of sync with its’ purpose and there may be a need to restructure. We will discuss with you the relevance of each role within the organisation and whether or not it is fit for purpose. Whilst we do not recommend change for changes’ sake, if it is felt that on reflection there is a need for a different organisational structure we will guide you through the restructuring process, facilitating Consultation regarding any proposed redundancies if necessary.

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