Employing non-UK nationals

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If they have not already done so, any EU workers you currently employ who do not have British passports or indefinite leave to remain in the UK, will need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. The scheme will grant them either ’settled status’ or ‘pre-settled status’ depending on how long they have lived in the UK at the time they make their application.

Those employees with over five years’ continuous residence should receive ‘settled status’ and can remain in the UK permanently and those employees with less than five years’ residence should receive ‘pre-settled status’ enabling them to remain in the UK until they can upgrade to ’settled status. 

Applications for the Scheme can be made at www.gov.uk/settled-status-eu-citizens-families and it is free to apply. Applications must be made by 30 June 2021.

Employees who already have indefinite leave to remain in the UK do not have to apply to the Scheme but may choose to change to ’settled status’ without paying a fee.

As a reminder you should keep records of the right to work in the UK for all employees, including copies of relevant documents and a control log to check documents for those employees with a time-limited right to work in the UK in good time. If you need advice or have any questions about this please contact us via help@yourhrpartner.co.uk or on 020 8346 8686.


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